What is a Baby Sprinkle?


Little fairy on birthday partyA “baby sprinkle” is a small get together to celebrate the birth of a second, third, or fourth child. It’s often a casual more intimate party of between 5 – 20 guests, sometimes co-ed, and usually includes the first- born. The objective is simply to gather and celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby.  And rather than showering the mom with the high ticket items like car seats, and layettes, gifts are more practical replenishments like diapers, wipes, and new clothes, as well as some simple gifts for the older siblings.


  • Keep it simple. Send out email invitations.
  • Keep it short. 1-2 hours.
  • Consider the popular themes
    • umbrellas and raindrops
    • candy sprinkles
  • Skip the games and the favors.
  • Focus on practical gifts for family or self-care gifts for mom (massage, pedicure)
  • Remember to include the first-born.
  • Make the most of the time together, as mom will be otherwise occupied for the next few months.
  • Ask guests to write a message in a blank journal to the expectant mom about what a great mother and person she is. She may be feeling a little insecure now about how she is going to handle it all. A confidence boost may be the greatest gift of all.


Have you recently attended a baby sprinkle? What do you think of this latest trend?


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