Preparing Kitty for the New Arrival


kitten-1517537Meg Kehoe at gives some fabulous advice on how to prepare your cat for the arrival of your new baby. Cats feel it too, you know, and you want to create a warm and welcoming environment for both your cat and keep your new baby safe.

Here are some highlights from the article but please read the full article “How to Prepare the Cat for the New Baby” at @itsmegkehoe


  • Keep your cat indoors in the months before baby is born.  To prevent toxoplasmosis (an infectious disease rare in indoor cats) help your outdoor cat adapt to the indoors as soon as possible and wear gloves and mask while changing liter and gardening.
  • Change your cat’s environment gradually to avoid stress on your cat who likes consistency. Put nursery together in stages and play with cat in allowable spaces to build positive feelings.
  • Make it clear to your cat that the baby’s crib and sleeping area is off limits.
  • Help your cat get used to new smells (lotions) and sounds (baby cries, toys)
  • Always supervise all baby and cat interactions.


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