Welcoming Siblings is your go-to guide on preparing your family for the addition of a second child.  Whether it’s your first child’s fears of being displaced or your own fears of not loving your second child as much, we share useful advice from a community of supportive moms and experts who give helpful tips and guidance for facilitating lifelong love and laughter between siblings.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, confused or even a little scared. And that’s normal. Another child is on the way and you may be wondering how you are going to manage it all and more importantly, how your firstborn may react and adapt to the change in your family dynamic.

Well, no worries. We have your solution. Because we have been there, have had all those feelings and more, and wished we had some guidance and inspiration all in one place.

And that’s why we created Welcoming Siblings, to help parents with the wonderful but often difficult transition to an expanding family.

We realize that you have far less time to prepare for your second child, or any time for that matter, so we keep it simple. We do all the research for you and give you the latest of the best of the best in a well organized site that answers any question you may have about this transitional period.  And we do it with heart.

Join us to share, laugh, and learn. We look forward to meeting you!