Bringing Home Baby



1. Have Dad or Another Family Member Carry The Baby Into the House Experts agree that it’s best for mom to have her hands free and let someone else carry your newborn into the house. Use those free hands to give your firstborn a big hug.

2. Expect a Variety of Emotions from Your Firstborn Towards You and the Baby It’s completely normal and it shall pass, just as PMS does.  Emotions can range from elation to anger to excitement to rage. You’ve been away and distracted for the last few days and your child is responding to all the transitions. Don’t dwell on it. Just reassure your child that there is plenty of love to go around.

3, Give As Much 1:1 Attention to Your Firstborn as Possible Let Dad/Grandparents take over the diaper duties and bathing. They know the drill.



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