To Shower or Not to Shower?


Baby_partyWhen it comes to celebrating the upcoming arrival of a second or third child, there are a lot of mixed opinions, on whether or not it’s appropriate to have a second baby shower to celebrate. Some believe a second shower is important to acknowledge and recognize the second child as a unique individual and can be especially helpful to the parents if there is a gender difference or big age gap between siblings. Others find it uncomfortable to have extended relatives and friends have to travel and buy gifts again. According to M2Moms – “92% of first time moms will have a baby shower, compared to 49% of second time moms.” (2009) More recently, the trend has been for a “baby sprinkle” as a whimsical way to acknowledge the birth of a second child, among a small group of close friends and family. We believe that the decision as to whether or not to have one should be influenced by what the moms wants.  If mom wants to celebrate, big or small, then we are all for it. How do you feel about second baby showers?




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