Picking a Name for Baby #2


If you thought naming your first born was difficult, just think of the considerations you have in naming your second child.  Do you want the names to sound similar? Do you want to honor an existing family member by choosing their name? How does the name sound with your first born’s name?

When creating a list of possible names, I would envision how the names would look as a signature on a birthday or holiday card. If it sounded ridiculous in a family roll call, even if we liked the name in its singular form, it was off the list.  Or sometimes, families, like ours, may innocently make the mistake of asking our first born for input. In our case, our son insisted we name his baby sister after his favorite Pokemon character Piplup. Bad idea. Here are some common strategies to use when selecting a name.


Sibling Names with the Same First Initial

  • Liam and Leah
  • Olivia and Owen
  • Ava and Aubrey
  • Charlotte and Caden

Sibling Names that Start and End the Same

  • Madison and Mason
  • Ella and Emma
  • Avery and Anthony
  • Stella and Sophia

Sibling Names by Origin

  • Antonio and Alessandra
  • Miquel and Marisol
  • Delphi and Dido
  • Mallik and Sabine

Backwards Sibling Names

  • Aidan and Nadia
  • Noel and Leon (anyone remember from the show Felicity)
  • Isaac and Cassi
  • Makih and Hakim

Anagram Names (rearranging all or some of the letters in one name to form another)

  • Amy and Mya
  • Elizabeth and Hazel
  • Mackenzie and Zack
  • Scarlett and Carl

Sibling Nature-Themed Baby Names

  • Dahlia and Iris
  • Canyon and Meadow
  • Laurel and Ridge
  • Blossom and Calla

Sibling Spiritual/Religious Baby Names

  • Faith and Hope
  • Gabriel and Grace
  • Destiny and Harmony
  • Abraham and Adam

Sibling Geographical Baby Names

  • Paris and Sydney
  • Alexandria and Austin
  • Brooklyn and Dallas
  • Florence and Savannah

Are you looking for ideas in naming your second born? Ask our community for help. We would love to share our ideas with you!



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