The Origin of Siblings Day


Claudia Evart, a paralegal from New York, NY, knows how strong the sibling bond is. The youngest of three, she was very close to her older brother and sister, but when she lost both of them unexpectedly in separate tragic accidents, she could still feel the everlasting bond they shared and thought of them daily. Realizing the sibling relationship was so strong, she decided to dedicate her life “to ensuring the bond of brother and sister is forever recognized as the special gift it is.”

As a result in 1997, she founded the National Siblings Day Foundation and went on a mission to get national recognition and universal celebration similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, across the U.S.  To date, 49 governors have signed gubernatorial proclamations and are in favor of the establishment of this day, according to the foundation’s Facebook page. To be declared an official holiday, however, a presidential proclamation is required.

But due to the viral nature of social media, the popularity of National Siblings Day has spread and you will often see Facebook posts and Twitter tweets on that day honoring a special relationship.

For the past fifteen years, since 1999, National Siblings Day has been celebrated on April 10th. Why that date? It was the birthday of her older sister, Lisette.  To celebrate, Claudia Evart suggests that you simply “Send them a card, take them out to dinner, give them a hug. Say I Love You.” *

To find out more information about the holiday, like “Siblings Day” on Facebook. How do you celebrate Siblings Day?

*Source:  Wertheimer, Linda. “Woman Still Seeking Creation of Siblings Day.” The Lakewood Ledger, 28 October 2000



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