One Mom’s Anxiety About Sharing the News to Older SIbling



I think many of us can relate to Heidi Scrimgeour’s testimonial on her feelings about breaking the news to her boys about being pregnant again.  Here’s some excerpts:

“In fact my anxiety about how my children would react to the news of their new baby sibling started to get quite out of hand. It reached the point where I’d find myself thinking obsessively about the baby, feeling a low-level, constantly-pulsing sense of guilt. I could barely look the boys in the eyes without a nagging sense that I was about to ruin their childhood forever…”

“It didn’t help that the all day and all night “morning sickness” was making me lose the will to live either, and the confused, pitying glances that my sons started throwing my way only aggravated my sense that in becoming a mother again, I was somehow in danger of losing touch with the children I already have…”

“There followed, to my surprise, a whole conversation about how desperately the boys would love a baby brother or sister. I couldn’t believe my ears, but looking back I like to believe that it was a touch of the sort of happy synchronicity that helps everyone adjust to something as life-changing and potentially overwhelming as the arrival of a new baby…”

“My kids helped me see that our new baby is indeed a treasure and a blessing, not a cause for worry or concern. It’s amazing how children can surprise us; seeing the best in the very situations that we expect them to most struggle with…”

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