Should My Child Be Present at the Birth?


Woman right before giving birth in hospitalSome parents would like to include their first-born as part of the birthing process so as their first child can feel closer and part of the experience. There are a lot of mixed emotions on whether your first-born’s attendance is a good idea or not. Considerations can include the age of the first-born, mom’s comfort level, and any potential risks of delivery. I had traumatic delivery complications for my son and for myself with my first born and I personally tend to agree with sibling expert, Judy Dunn, author of From One Child to Two (as well as many other books and studies related to sibling relationships).

“If  you think it’s a bad idea, there are plenty of doctors and psychologists who agree with you! Although the intent may be loving, I personally feel this in to kind to children under five, or even to many other children. Children who have attended births show a wide range of reactions. Some are frightened by the overwhelming experience, by the blood, and the sight of their mother in pain. Other children are rather bored (one child said afterward he would have rather watched TV), while still others become highly involved and enjoy timing the contractions. ” – Judy Dunn, From One Child To Two

What are your thoughts?

Source:  Dunn, Judy, From One Child to Two, What to Expect, How to Cope, and How to Enjoy Your Growing Family. Fawcett Columbine, 1995 p. Print.



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