Big Sibling Celebration in the Classroom


I had read in a parenting magazine about the idea of having a I’m a Big Brother party in pre-school for my son. When I spoke to his teacher, she had never heard of it before, but being as lovely as she was, she happily agreed. I had envisioned something similar to “Star of the Week”, where I would pop in with some cupcakes, read a book, and be on my way, hoping it would provide some additional attention for my first-born and some peer support from his classmates. And that’s just what I did, but I also made a poster board which showed what my first-born looked like as a baby and compared it to what his new baby sister looked like. The photos were a big hit. I also shared some funny stories of what my first-born did as a child that made his classmates laugh. If you want to celebrate your first-born’s new status as new Big Brother or new Big Sister, follow these tips:

  • Talk to the teacher during your pregnancy about the idea of having a small 20 min celebration a few weeks after your second child is born.
  • Give the teacher at least one week notice and ask her for the best date and time to come in.
  • Provide all the refreshments and paper goods.
  • Keep your newborn at home with a sitter 1) to prevent catching germs and 2) to keep the focus on your first-born.
  • Ask your first-born what special book he/she would like you to read.
  • Make a photo collage with your first-born of your first-born’s baby pictures to show to the class.
  • Have your first-born wear their I’m a Big Brother or I’m a Big Sister shirt on the day of the event.
  • Thank the teacher and classmates for their support with some type of donation to the classroom (ex. Supplies, books, juice boxes, games) or small favors for the students.



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